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Natural Medicine

Musculoskeletal problems

Dr. Shu specializes in resolving musculoskeletal problems without using pharmaceutical pain medications or surgeries. Instead, she has had success utilizing natural oral or topical medications, injections, and weight loss programs for resolving these problems.

One of the most effective injection procedures is called Platelet-Rich-Plasma Prolotheray.  This procedure is especially effective for degenerative arthritis, healing of tendons and ligaments (or connective tissue problems e.g. tear, fracture, loss of padding); pain and muscle spasms resulting from the musculoskeletal structure being out of alignment.  We will not normally start with this procedure unless other less invasive options have been exhausted.

Many musculoskeletal problems, such as degenerative arthritis and back pain, are associated with excessive body weight. We provide feasible weight loss plans to help you lose weight without sacrificing the pleasure of eating good food. Our easy-to-implement weight loss plans have helped many people reduce their musculoskeletal pains and related issues.

We also have had success in helping people with chronic pains due to musculoskeletal problems.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your symptoms and pains.